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While working at a few companies in the past, I have had occasion to need a quick and easy tool to get dynamic visual information to a higher headquarters.  Sometimes, in regards to a different reporting mechanism that had reporting problems.   Excel Services in SharePoint provided the solution.  Easy for a Power User/Excel User to modify the data in the spreadsheet and automatically update the web page or just provide a user with the URL for the chart.  I had one instance where a large organization had 100’s of excel spreadsheets around the world that didn’t need aggregation but just a simple visual chart indicating good or bad.  They would provide that in a report to Company Headquarters!  Okay, There are some really good BI tools for SharePoint that could do this work!  SSRS, etc..  However, if you just need a quick and easy way to get this visual information to someone, then in a few steps you are there:

1.  Have your Excel spreadsheet with chart uploaded to a document library in SharePoint.  This document Library must be a Trusted Location (So get with you SharePoint Administrator and make one so!  Spock!)

2. you need to know the name of the chart, in my case “Chart 1”, Your server URL , file name of the spreadsheet, and the document library name.

a.  My Server:  http://davidj-pcv/sites/DavesDev/

b. Document Library: spreadsheets

b.  File Name: precipitation.xlsx

c.  Chart Name: Chart 1

3.  Construct the URL: http://davidj-pcv/sites/DavesDev/_vti_bin/ExcelRest.aspx/spreadsheets/precipitation.xlsx/model/Charts('Chart 1')

4.  Here is the chart in excel:


5.  Here is the Live View on the web:


6.  It is live and dynamic,  I will change the display to normal pie chart in the Excel spreadsheet, here is the web view with a page refresh:


I see on the other end a Content Editor web part with lots of these URL’s included and possibly styled with JQuery providing the BI to higher headquarters!  What could be simpler! 

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