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After the first release of the SharpBox library I want to publish some information about very usefull comfort functions. This methods are implemented based on the API of the basic SharpBox library. No other internal code which communicates with the cloud storage provider was used. There are three main functions in version 1.0:

  • UploadFile("C:\temp\myfile.mp3", "/Public/");
  • DownloadFile("/Public/myfile.mp3","C:\");
  • GetFolder("/Public/My/Very/Deep/Hidden/Folder")

This three functions are usefull if you want to upload, download files or if you need quick access to a folder object which is very deep in the infrastructure. The only thing you need to know is the full path name of this folder.

With the planned version 1.1 and currently in the trunk source code tree two other helpers will come up:

  • CreateFolder("/Public/My/Very/Long/Folder")
  • SynchronizeFolder("C:\temp\local", "/Public/remote", sUploadMode | sRemoveMissingFiles)

CreateFolder allows you to execute the mkdir -p command against your cloud storage, which helps to ensure that a specific path structure will exist. SynchronizeFolder does what it says, it synchronizes a folder from your cloud storage to your local drive or vice versa.

When ever you need other comfort functions, visit our SharpBox discussion board:

For more detailed information check out the documentation wiki:

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