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Photo_on_2010-06-12_at_10.48I recently bought a new  Macbook Pro (the 13” one) to dive into a new world of programming challenges as well as to get a more powerful netbook than my Packard Bell Dot which I’ve been using since last year.

I’ve had immense pleasure using the netbook format and their small size in meetings (taking notes with XMind), surfing “anywhere”, and, of course blogging with windows live writer.

So far the Mac is holding up, it’s sleek, responsive, and I’ve even begun looking at coding in Objective C with it, but in one arena, it is severely lacking: Blogging software.

There is nothing that even comes close to Live Writer for getting your blog posts out. The few blogger applications that do exist on mac both look and feel medieval in comparison, AND some even cost money!

It looks like some mac users actually install a virtual machine on their mac to run Windows XP just so they can use WLW. I’m not that extreme; instead, I’m hoping that the WLW team will write it’s awesome application as a Silverlight 4 app. That way, it would run on Mac and Windows (as a desktop app).

I wonder if it will ever happen though…


PS: The image is of me, took it with the built-in camera on the mac and emailed it to the windows PC that I am writing on :)

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# re: Mac OS needs Windows Live Writer – badly!
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Agreed! In fact, although I have the ability to run windows from my new macbook pro, I havent' needed to with the exception of needing to get to my Live Writer. I am kind of stunned that Mac hasn't put forth a solution for this obvious whole in usability yet. They are so intuitive about their users needs most of the time.
Left by Tiffany Cloud on Jul 11, 2010 10:08 PM

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Tell me about it :( I don't want to install BootCamp or virtual machine on my Mac OS so that I can run a Windows Live Writer *sigh*CBNH
Left by Michael Aulia on Mar 21, 2011 12:49 AM

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