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Yesterday I have done some changes on a web app, and today when it was send to testing server it was observed that the processor is working on high scale. As it's very clear the fact that almost always the problem of memory leaks fall in memory increasement. But it wasn't the case, only the processor was working intensively. I realized my gap suddenly :-), it was all about the fact that I put on every request end to run the GC. This is why the .NET CLR Memory\% Time in GC  was showing me these oddities.
So my advice is the next, use:
only for testing purposes and never in production mode. In production mode you can use it only in very and very indeed needed cases(consider it as an exception), but it's more that your design and code it's not appropriate to accomplish the specified tasks, you should refactor it and avoid using declarative invocation of GC. Posted on Wednesday, January 21, 2009 9:40 PM How to ASP.NET C#? | Back to top

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