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I'll give a sample in TSQL:
Here is the TSQL statement for getting a Case object that was Xml serialized:


SET @xmlCase = '

<case xsi="<a href="></a>">







<assignedon nil="true">



SELECT Cases.fields.value('(Id/text())[1]', 'UNIQUEIDENTIFIER') [Id_Cases],

Cases.fields.value('(Court/Id/text())[1]', 'UNIQUEIDENTIFIER') [CaseCourts_Id],

Cases.fields.value('(CaseRevisedTitle/text())[1]' , 'NVARCHAR(MAX)') [Title],

Cases.fields.value('(Title/text())[1]' , 'NVARCHAR(MAX)') [CaseNumber],

Cases.fields.value('(CaseTitle/text())[1]' , 'NVARCHAR(MAX)') [CaseTitle],

CAST(LEFT(Cases.fields.value('(CreatedOn/text())[1]', 'NVARCHAR(MAX)'), 19) AS DATETIME) [CreatedOn],

CAST(LEFT(Cases.fields.value('(AssignedOn/text())[1]', 'NVARCHAR(MAX)'), 19) AS DATETIME) [AssignedOn]

INTO [#Cases] FROM @xmlCase.nodes('/Case') Cases(fields);

SELECT * FROM [#Cases]

HTH :-)
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