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As a programming teacher one of the things that often comes to mind is; how can I teach programming in a way that is interesting and dynamic? Very recently I came up with a plan that I hope will address this idea. My plan is to add a new and exciting programming course called "Game Development and Programming with XNA" to our course offerings.

Coincidentally this morning I came across an interesting article in the Science Daily that really connects with many of the thoughts I have had related to this kind of approach to teaching programming. The article discusses how teaching rapid video game development can strengthen critical thinking skills an improve overall participation.  The article also discusses how using video game development can and bolster students' interest in computer science and help to bridge the digital dived. I quote, "...using rapid computer game creation as an innovative teaching method could ultimately help bridge the digital divide between those people lacking computer skills and access and those with them."

I am very excited to offer a video game development course to my students next year. This approach appears to hold much promise. Stay tuned for updates.

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