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Today our AP Computer Science class will be doing the Marine Biology role play exercise. Many AP teachers, like Brian Scarbeau  use this to help students visualize the role of objects in the MBS classes, and how they relate to one another. Earlier this school year we did a version of the role play that simulated fish in an environment. This week will are doing the version that uses specialized fish (i.e. Darter, and Slow fish) which helps to reinforce the OOP concept of inheritance.  The Marine Biology case study can be overwhelming for students because of its complexity, so these role plays really help them (particularly the visual learners), get a handle on the basic mechanics of the case study. I have also used this exercise as an opportunity to discuss design issues. I will have student discuss what think about the class structure of the MBS and decide if perhaps there are other ways one could engineer this project. This makes for good dialog with the class and really invokes critical thinking. Give it a try if you have an opportunity to incorporate the role play into your curriculum.



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