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The most recent adventure my computer club has embarked on is the development of a new Linux lab. So far they have installed about five different Linux distributions on various computers on the computer club lab. Their goal was to further developer their networking/TCP/IP skills and at the same time see how different versions of  Linux perform in parallel in a network. Really they are trying to see what version can perform the best on a computer system with limited resources (i.e. cpu speed, memory).  The server computer is a AMD Athlon 64 box that they built themselves from spare parts. The server software they are using is Windows Server 2003, Enterprise version.

 It has been real exciting to watch them set it all up. They all came in on a Saturday morning (how's that for dedication) to accomplish that. I must confess they have taught me a few things.

Now that everything is set up our goal is to use that lab for various networking experiments. They students are also considering using the lab to set up a programming competition simulations to help prepare for future competitions. By the way our next programming competition will be be at Providence College on March 6th. That event is always an exciting one. I have a real talented group of students this year, I think we will do well.

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