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By now you are thinking, what the heck is a title like this doing on a computer science teachers blog?  Now that I have official entered the blog world and started dumping my thoughts/opinions into cyberspace I have also started reading many blogs that other people are writing as well. One thing I have noticed is that in many respects blogs have become an extension of the office “water cooler“, and other respects they are more like a intellectual symposium . Either case may very well have some value.  

The thing about blogs is you can encounter discussion about anything imaginable. The possibilities for blog topics/formats are practically without bounds. So what's with today's title? This past week in the course of reading one of the many blogs I now subscribe to I would occasionally encounter comments that were so bizarre that even your best guest would probably not be what the person may have been thinking when she or he posted it. So I thought to myself,  I could have posted back “apples and banana's” and it would have been equally coherent. Fortunately most of the articles I have encountered this past week were enriching and worth my time.  Just the same, this whole idea got me thinking about the value of blogging in general and forced the question- is blogging a worthwhile endeavor?

Many of you will right away react to this by saying to yourself, of course it is. Others may feel that blogging is a waste of time. My personal opinion is that blogging, when done well can be a very positive thing, and that overall bogging  is a positive phenomena. The down side of it is, how do we filter out the garbage and focus on reading blogs that offer something that is worth the time we spend reading it? And I am not sure I have a solid answer for this. It seems to me that blogs sites like geekswithblogs can help remedy that by giving the blog surfer a filter to guide them to the general type of content they are looking to read. 

The net effect of blogging for me has been a very positive one so far. Not only have I enjoyed articulating ideas, but have expanded my horizons by reading ideas posted by other computer science teachers, and professionals. As a new member of the Technology Committee for my school district I am going to recommend that we start encouraging teachers to start blogs for their classes as a means of communicating ideas to students and parents. It could be as simple as posting homework assignments, or be a little more involved. The wonderful thing about it is that blogging is so easy to do. Teacher may find it overwhelming if asked to build a Website, but if asked to build a blog, they can accomplished that in a matter of minutes.

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