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As Product Manager for our upcoming WPF controls, Infragistics decided to upgrade me to a new laptop, which finally arrived today.  Its a Dell Precision 65M and it comes with some pretty big iron for a laptop (2Hz proc, 2GB system RAM, NVidia 350M video with 256MG onboard video RAM) and so far its been pretty nice. 

Of course the first thing I did when I got it this afternoon was to drop my Vista Beta 2 DVD in and start my first clean Vista install.  My only big dissappointment so far is that the NVidia drivers will not install, so it looks like I might be stuck with the standard VGA Display Adapter driver for now, which of course means no Aero expererience for me (this despite the fact that the Dell website specifically says the 65M supports the Windows Aero display!).

Other than no-Aero, my first impressions are generally positive.  I am getting used to IE7 and its tabbed browser (I never really used Firefox much), and trying to find some of the config stuff like network setup has been fun.   Another interesting experience has been the additional security.  When I am not logged in as Admin, Vista does give me a lot of security elevation prompts, and its pretty restrictive about where it lets you create and delete files, but its nothing that I think I won't get used to.

Tomorrow its time to install Office 2007 Beta 2 which I have not spent much time with so I am looking forward to seeing the new stuff in Outlook.

[UPDATE 6/28/2006]
I did eventually get glass running with the NVidia drivers.  I had to explicitly follow the steps listed in the comments below. 

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# re: New Laptop == First Vista Install
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I have a M65 too and I got Aero to work on it. You just need to get the get the drivers from NVidia and force the driver installation:
. Click "Update Driver..." from the Video Card properties
. Then "Browse my computer for driver software"
. Click "Let me pick from a list of device drivers..."
. Then "Have disk..."
. Browse to the drivers
. Choose "Nvidia 350M"

And that's it,


Left by Pyt on Jun 07, 2006 8:33 PM

# re: New Laptop == First Vista Install
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I tried that but after I browser to the driver location (after clicking on "Have Disk"), no drivers show up to select, so I cannot click the Next button.

Maybe you have a different version of the drivers than I do? Maybe you could send them to me?
Left by Devin on Jun 08, 2006 5:16 AM

# re: New Laptop == First Vista Install
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Browse my computer for driver software"
Left by MBT Changa Women on Mar 09, 2010 2:29 AM

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