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What an amazing four month sprint it has been for us.  We have released 5 products in fours months (NetAdvantage 5.3CLR1 & CLR2, TestAdvantage, NetAdvantage 6.1 CLR & CLR2)  with an amazing effort by all of our developers , docs staff and QA staff.  We are really proud of the 6.1 release and it includes some pretty amazing new features.  Being that I have changed positions and am now the Product Manager for Chart (and WPF), I have to start by showing off our amazing new 3D chart rendering engine:

These renderings is the 3D Cylinder Column, 3D Stacked Cylinder, 3D Pie and 3D Column charts show an incredible improvement in the fidelity of the 3D chart renderer, and its all done with 100% managed interop or fancy tricks here.

Besides these improvements we shipped five new chart types, the 3D Cylinder Bar and Column, 3D Doughnut, Box-Whisker and Probability chart types.

The WebForms development team has put a huge effort into improving the performance of the WebGrid and integrating more AJAX features into the controls including the WebTree.  They also shipped new WebHtmlEditor control and SpellChecker controls with this release, something that many customer have asked for.

In the WinForms control, the grid has been enhanced by adding ClipBoard support which allows you to Cut, Copy and Paste data into or out of the grid.  The grid also added Undo/Redo support.

Finally, the Windows Forms team worked really hard to create the Composite UI Application Block (CAB) Extensibility Kit, which allows you to integrate the same NetAdvantage tools you have always used into CAB based applications.

Much more made it into 6.1 so if your interested you can read the complete features lists here:

Also our samples website has been updated showing off the new features of 6.1:

Finally, many people ask us why they should choose NetAdvantage over the new controls in .NET 2.0.  We have posted an easy to read comparison for you here:

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# re: NetAdvantage 6.1 Released
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Are those images from Windows Forms or Web Forms? And do they look the same in both places?

I use your suite and in the past I've avoided using the charting controls except in the most basic way, because they didn't look all that sharp. However, that will change if those images reflect what the chart will look like in a Windows Forms application.
Left by Anthony Trudeau on Feb 17, 2006 11:23 AM

# re: NetAdvantage 6.1 Released
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Our Windows Forms and ASP.NET Chart controls use the same chart rendering engine, so you can create charts like those shown above on either platform.
Left by Devin on Feb 17, 2006 11:33 AM

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# re: NetAdvantage 6.1 Released
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