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July 2007 Entries

I know that I'm going to be looking for this article later so I might as well share it here:

It has some useful PDF utilities as well as others.

Here are a few goodies I came across for Office Word 2007... Want help getting started with Word 2007? Add the "Getting Started" ribbon tab inside of Word: Having trouble with the new Word ribbon (menu) system? Use this interactive guide to help with the transition from the previous menu system to the current ribbon system: What to save Office ......

This is a huge open-source contribution from Microsoft: The Distributed Pub/Sub Event System is a solution for cross-process and/or cross-server scenarios where a large amount of event handshaking is required and low latency is important. Basically, this architecture was designed for speed. Even if you can't think of a usage scenario for this code-base in your stack right now, I strongly encourage you to just crack open the source and take a look. I personally think ......