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August 2006 Entries

There are less and less reasons to bust out and start writing your own assembly language these days since the C/C++ optimizers almost always get it better. But just in case you'd like to try your hat at it both AMD and Intel make it easy for you to get processor architecture reference material. AMDMaterials online: literature: IntelMaterials online: ......

This is a bit of an unpleasant topic for most people to even think about, but those who have had to deal with rootkits in the past certainly appreciate knowing about the tools that are available for fighting them. I have used the SysInternals Rootkit Revealer in the past to clean up a computer and today I just scanned my system with the new Sophos Anti-Rootkit. Both are free and extremely easy to use ......

I plan to use the new localization features in ASP.NET 2.0 in my next personal project that I deem cool enough to be truly international. Here is an article that shows how simple it really is:

Today I came across a set of sweet little atomic operations for manipulating integers in .NET: So instead of doing this: private object counterLock = new Object(); lock (counterLock){ counter++;} You just do this: Interlocked.Increment(ref counter); This has two advantages. First, the code is much cleaner. Second, the performance is much faster. Why? I think the interlocked method is all executed within user mode whereas the other would require ......

Alright, I have to say this is quite comical. Windward Reports has produced a video showing what happens to programmers when they have a lot of time on their hands (from using Windward Reports of course!).

I just found out about this free software from Microsoft for sharing computers with Windows XP. It is called the Microsoft Shared Computer Toolkit for Windows XP: It is particularly useful for places such as libraries or schools providing public access to computers, but I immediately thought of its application in another area. I am hoping that at least one person out there reading this post is involved in setting up shared computer labs ......