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May 2006 Entries

Microsoft is doing a lot these days to tighten security in its software. This white paper enumerates the new features in Windows Vista that demonstrate this:

Alright, if you need to get down to the nitty gritty of Windows memory management like I have to right now, then you don't want to miss these four articles (one of which I posted earlier but will include here again for the sake of comprehensiveness and conveniance). The Virtual-Memory Manager in Windows NT: Managing Virtual Memory in Win32: ......

I'm currently working with a system that includes a shared memory manager written in C. This has forced me to brush up on some of the Windows programming concepts as well as learn a bunch of new ones. Alas, the Windows developer's world is extremely different from the web developer's. What is a buffer?http://en.wikipedia.... What is a pointer?http://en.wikipedia... What is a handler?http://en.wikipedia... ......

So it seems that pretty much everyone has decided to release some sort of AJAX framework. Microsoft: Sun: Adobe: Google: http://goog-ajaxslt.sourcef... Yahoo: UPDATE (20 May 2006): There's more Oracle: Google (a more comparable one this time): Tibco: ......

A concise article that provides rich insight into multithreaded application programming with some references to available libraries in .NET:

I think you'd be hard pressed to find better looking free icons with such an open license agreement: