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November 2005 Entries

The long-awaited launch happened yesterday and I enjoyed what I was able to see. Unfortunately, I only stayed through the morning session since our team was scheduled to release that day (imagine that). In any case, the organizers were understanding and forgiving enough to give me the free copies of VS.NET 2005 and SQL Server 2005 before I left anyway. Let me give a quick synopsis of some of the things I noted during the talks. The keynote speech cited a few statistics that showed the market adoption ......

I have to credit this one to a colleague of mine, Jorge:

“Don't overlook those small infinite loops.”

I must've missed this somewhere in all the newsletter announcements I receive from Microsoft, but I just came to realize that there are a bunch of e-learning courses available right now, some of which are free for a limited time. Check out the course catalog here: