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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Too Many AutoHotkey Shortcuts To Remember? There’s An App For That!

I love AutoHotkey (AHK). Ever since I discovered it a little over a year ago I am constantly surprised and pleased with what I am able to accomplish with it.  And there in lied my problem.  Out of the box, AHK allows you to trigger your own scripts using hotkeys.  My problem was that I had so many of these little (and some large) scripts to do so many things, that i quickly ran out of hotkeys to use that wouldn’t interfere with other application’s shortcut keys (Visual Studio anyone); also even if I had more hotkeys available, trying to remember which ones did what was a nightmare. To remedy this, I created AHK Command Picker.

AHK Command Picker is really just a little UI that allows you to quickly run your scripts; so instead of using a hotkey, you just…

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