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Monday, September 10, 2012

AutoHotkey cannot interact with Windows 8 Windows…or can it!

If you’ve installed Windows 8 and are trying to use AutoHotkey (AHK) to interact with some of the Winodws 8 Windows (such as the Control Panel for example), or with apps that need to be Ran As Administrator, then you’ve likely become very frustrated as I did to discover that AHK can not send any commands (keyboard or mouse input) to these windows.  This was a huge concern as I often need to run Visual Studio as an administrator and wanted my hotkeys and hotstrings to work in Visual Studio.  After a day of fighting I finally realized the answer (and it’s pretty obvious once you think about it).  If you want AHK to be able to interact with Windows 8 Windows or apps running as administrator, then you also need to…

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