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So, What’s the story? OASIS…No, Not the band, The Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards have released their draft Information Card specification…or more exactly :


the Identity Metasystem Interoperability specification which prescribes a subset of the mechanisms defined in WS-Trust 1.2, WS-Trust 1.3, WS-SecurityPolicy 1.1, WS-SecurityPolicy 1.2, and WS-MetadataExchange to facilitate the integration of Digital Identity into an interoperable token issuance and consumption framework using the Information Card Model


I’m on my third reading now – nothing quite like reading a spec whilst sitting with a fine sized glass lovely shiraz at two in the afternoon on a rainy Sunday. You to can join me by getting your alcohol of choice and a copy of the specification at


The full announcement is available to view here where you can also find  the document and related files.


* I’ve just written “What’s the story” and thanks to my son who’s aged 2 and can’t go to bed without watching 2 episodes, I now have the theme tune of Balamory “What’s the story in Balamory” running around my head.


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