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For those of you who know Depeche Mode, last night was a depressing night in Kansas City. Depeche Mode played at Starlight Theatre, but they stopped the show about an hour after starting. I've been reading a lot of articles this morning, and listening to 96.5 The Buzz (the promoter), and there are as many theories about this as there were people at the concert.

Some of the rumors are:

  • they were recently in Mexico (Dave's birthday was May 9), and they think that Dave ate some bad veggies, or that he got Montezuma's Revenge, which may have left him dehydrated, with the runs
  • technical problems - I've read a few articles from people close to the stage saying that the sound guys messed up

I personally believe the second theory more. Enough people are in agreement that Dave was constantly making the “speed up” gesture to the sound engineer, as if the lyric prompter wasn't moving as fast as the music.

Also, after every song, Dave was in the wings arguing with the sound guys about something. During the songs, there were sound guys cruising around the stage.

Halfway into the intro of “Stripped”, Dave stopped the song, had it out with a sound guy, then they had to restart that song. After that, Dave was gone. Martin came out to sing some ballads, and when we was done, that was it.

Andy came out and said “Well, it looks like we'll have to call it a day. Thanks for coming out and supporting us.” The lights came on, everybody booed, and we went home.

I really hope that they come back for another show, but their last U.S. gig is on May 21 in DC, and then they go to Europe until August. If they don't come back before May 21, I think we'll never see them again. Rumors are also saying that their GM (Andy Fletcher, keyboardist) said that they gave a full show, and that there will be no refund. I'm thinking about calling my Credit Card company and contesting the charges. I'm also going to call Starlight Theater and TicketMaster and see what else can be done.

If you have any other information about what happened last night, and if there's going to be an encore or a refund, please let me know.


Posted on Thursday, May 11, 2006 8:59 AM | Back to top

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96.5 The Buzz, the radio station who heavily promoted the show, has said to hold onto your tickets. They've said they're going to try to see what they can do about it.
Left by MSP KC on May 12, 2006 9:22 PM

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Why not at least consider the official explanation, Dave Gahan has laryngitis.
Left by K on May 13, 2006 3:35 PM

# re: Depeche Mode Concert Cancelled in Kansas City
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Dave IS human dont forget!!!!
Have you never been ill before?????
Left by l on May 13, 2006 3:58 PM

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if it's true that fletch claimed that they gave a full show (this is the first i've heard of that), that's completely bogus, and that inflames me even more. i'm not saying that i think they should perform a second show, or even give a full refund. we did get half of a show, after all. but they should attempt some sort of compensation for what we didn't get, which was the professional, full-length depeche mode (including the frontman) show we paid for.
Left by snakestress on May 13, 2006 5:07 PM

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Hey all.
If you'll notice, I posted this blog before Depeche Mode released their official word that Dave had laryngitis. It still seems fishy to me that, at the concert, it started off as a technical problem, then it was a small medical problem, then there were rumors that Dave collapsed backstage, then I heard that he was dehydrated and was suffering from Montezuma's Revenge, or some stomach flu.
If it was laryngitis, then they should have said, right then and there, that it was laryngitis. I *do* believe it was some sort of a medical problem, only because they cancelled the Chicago show the next night. I just don't feel that they were entirely honest with us Wednesday night, and I still don't feel like we were given a full show.
I am going to hold onto my tickets, but I don't expect 96.5 the Buzz to do anything about it.
Thanks for all your replies, except for Tim's, which made absolutely no sense. :P

Left by Doug on May 15, 2006 6:00 AM

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I got this response from the Starlight Theater in an email.
We at Live Nation understand your frustration and disappointment in the
night's performance, and we will continue to fully address this issue. We
ask that you please provide us with further contact information (home and/or business address and phone number where we can easily reach you) for further
correspondence. Once again, thank you for your time, and we will get back
with you with more information as soon as possible. You may contact us at, or by writing us at Live Nation 633 N 130th
St, Bonner Springs, KS 66012, Attn: Melissa.
I guess they are passing the buck back to the promoter!
Left by S.B. on May 15, 2006 9:49 AM

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Ok, here is their (Live Nation) grand solution. Whoppity do. I guess it is better than nothing. I just wanted a refund of our $175 tix. Interesting how they won't give monetary refund and can donate $10grand to schools.
Here is an email I received today, 5-26 (probably after they got my complaint from the BBB)

Dear Chuck and Sondra,

We are writing you with regard to your inquiry about the recent Depeche Mode show at Starlight Theatre. We appreciate your patience and understanding with this matter, and we've been steadily working to address the issue.

As everyone is aware by now, Dave was unable to finish the show in Kansas City due to illness and was not able to perform the next night in Chicago. No one involved with the show wants the fans in Kansas City to be disappointed with this abbreviated performance. For this reason, we have put together a special offering to you for taking the time to contact us in this matter.

Live Nation will forward to you a voucher for tickets (equal to the number of Depeche Mode tickets purchased) to any Live Nation show in Kansas City between now and December 31st. This includes Live Nation promoted shows at Starlight Theatre, Verizon Wireless Amphitheater or any of the other locations Live Nation promotes shows. Furthermore, Depeche Mode will include a piece of band merchandise for you in appreciation of your continued support of the band.

Depeche Mode and Live Nation would like to see that some further good comes out of this difficult situation. For that reason, a donation of $10,000.00 is being made to establish The Music Cares Fund for the Kansas City Missouri Public School District. This money will establish an endowment fund to purchase new instruments for young musicians in the Kansas City school system and create new opportunities for area student musicians in the Kansas City arts community.

Thank you once again for your patience while we worked through this totally unexpected situation.

Depeche Mode


Your friends at Live Nation

*Please provide address and ticket stub information to if you have not already done so. We will need this information before vouchers are mailed.*
Left by S.B. on May 26, 2006 10:48 AM

# re: Depeche Mode Concert Cancelled in Kansas City
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We've got the same letter, except now they want us to send them original ticket stubs by mail.
Left by S on May 31, 2006 2:12 PM

# re: Depeche Mode Concert Cancelled in Kansas City
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Have any of you gotten ticket vouchers? I sent my originals and it's 3 months later...Live Nations said they were "lost in the mail" and they cannot give me anything w/o the originals. Convenient. I'm thinking about contacting the Attorney Generals office so they can investigate.
Left by lb on Sep 07, 2006 12:18 PM

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There's an online petition to get refunds from DM management if you haven't seen it.
Left by Sherry Mollet on Feb 10, 2012 10:52 AM

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