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    Well, that time of the year has come and gone again.  By that I mean Code mash.

    I didn’t get a chance to make it to codemash this year, but waking up to find 76 twitterings on my phone (Over half were most likely Dwitters -Drunken Twittering-) is a clear indication that it was both a fun and exciting time for all who attended.

    In other news, apparently my blog posts (the most recent one about the '=>' specifically) was the issue of some conversations at code mash.  And in the process I managed to offend a few of my friends.  Hence you will notice it's no longer published.  I took it down as soon as I found out that it had offended a friend; that’s not something I’d ever intentionally do.  

    I’m still grappling with the "Do I take out the bits that offended my friend and republish it, damn the common idea of a non offensive/vulgar blog post, don't conform, be my own man"  or, do  I suck it up, go more vanilla.  The post itself has had almost 900 unique web views, and an extra 230 subscriber views,  my most popular post yet,  I can't imagine all those people were deeply offended by what I had to say.  So I guess what it comes down to is, should I conform and not risk offending a contingent of people to entertain another, or should I just say "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!!”  Honestly, it's a rhetorical question, since I’m going to do whatever in the hell I want anyway, but it does feel good to write it down.

    A friend once said that to enjoy blogging you have to do it for yourself and no one else, but since I’m even asking these questions, am I really blogging for myself?

That being said, I have a PG rated Tech in 5 min about extension methods Then I think we’re going to get into exception handling. 

Till next time.

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I think you should repost it. Your use of the term for male genitalia (I won't use the word, I'd hate to offend someone) added some humor (albeit somewhat vulgar) to a post about something that's pretty dry. If some prude wants to get their panties in a twist, perhaps they should run web sense on their computer to make sure they don't accidentally find themselves at a truly offensive site.
Left by Chris on Jan 15, 2008 1:53 PM

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I thought the post was funny, and I can't wait until I'm using lambda's. I would have certainly gone back to your post at that time in the (hopefully near) future, to refresh myself on the p*nis operator. =D
Left by Travis Collins on Jan 16, 2008 10:04 PM

# re: Good Times
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should have kept it the way it was. Classic and great way to remember it by. Of course I understand not wanting to upset close friends.

ah well... I am off to the wayback machine... :D Perhaps they caught it.
Left by Rich E on Jan 25, 2008 8:39 AM

# re: Good Times
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Hey Guys, thanks for the positive feedback.

If anyone is interested, I can email you the blog post. Maybe someone would'nt mind mirroring it?
Left by Dave on Jan 25, 2008 9:45 AM

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