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DoDN Was a awesome frickin' success!  Of the 200-250 registrants we had 191 actually show up! or at least 191 name tags were unless we had a name tag stealing ninja in our midst, I'd say our show was pretty damn awesome.  The after party at the Corner Brewery was a blast too.  With most of the speakers (including certifiable nut jobs Mark Miller, Dustin Campbell and Keith Elder) it was a riot.  We stayed out tell at least 12 swapping stories and drinking plenty of beer.

We also gave away a TON of swag.  I think we had more than we needed and as such, we've now got a TON of swag for the User group meeting this wed.  So make sure you get your ass there to win some free software from the likes of Redgate, and books from APress, Orily and Wrox just to name a few. 

Our speaker will be Keith Elder talking on "Structure and Guidance for Organizing Applications within Visual Studio"  It's guaranteed to be a hit so make sure you get out there.

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