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...Will be on the 14th, so make sure you get down there to the spark center!  Were going to have alot of good swag for this meeting, not to mention free pizza and pop.  If anything, come Xbox Roxorz out just to feed yourself.  Were also ramping up for our points program.  You might remember from a few posts ago that i was talking about something similar to a book exchange, where you get points for bringing in book, attending meetings, volunteering for committies and win them through our various contests. You can use those points to "Buy" books, register for prospective specitalty swag (IE like a zune, Xbox 360 etc etc) and participate in some special events we have planned for some upcomming meetings.  So make sure you get to the meetings!! Besides, you never know what kind of Extra Goodness were going to throw into each meeting!!  Check out what we've got this month:

March 14 -Dustin Campbell presents Delegates and Events, The Inside Story Minimize
This in-depth talk takes a look beneath the hood to see exactly how .NET delegates and events work. Armed with this knowledge, we will examine ways to use delegates which might not be immediately obvious. Topics covered include: asynchronous delegates, custom-firing of events, weak delegates, anonymous delegates and lambda expressions. Throughout the session, potential performance and memory issues with delegates will be highlighted

   Also, if your bored and looking for some good conversation, head on over to the AADND Forums.  Inevitabally we will be yammering on about something, feel free to jump in on it yourself. 


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