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Entity Framework

Accessing QuickBooks with Entity Framework 6
Entity Framework is an object-relational mapping framework that can be used to work with data as objects. While you can run the ADO.NET Entity Data Model wizard in Visual Studio to handle generating the Entity Model, this approach, the model-first approach, can put you at a disadvantage if there are changes in your data source or if you want more control over how the entities operate. In this article you will complete the code-first approach to accessing QuickBooks data using the CData ADO.NET Provider.The ......

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LINQ to QuickBooks
This article demonstrates how to use LINQ to access tables in QuickBooks through the QuickBooks ADO.NET Data Provider. To do this you will LINQ to Entity Framework, which is used to generate the connection and can be used with any CData ADO.NET Data Providers to access data via LINQ.In a new project in Visual Studio, right-click on the project and choose to add a new item. Add an ADO.NET Entity Data Model.Choose to generate from database and click next.Add a new Data Connection, and change your data ......

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