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BIDS Helper 1.7.0 released
A few days ago the BIDS Helper team released of v1.7.0 which you can download from here: https://bidshelper.codeplex... This version comes with a few bug fixes, and some new functionality, but the most significant enhancements are to the BIML Engine thanks to our friends at Varigence. I’ve copied and pasted the release notes below. Note that there are some possible breaking changes in the new BIML Engine, so if you have existing BIML script please read this section carefully. ====== Release ......

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BIDS Helper 1.6 Beta Release (now with SQL 2012 support!)
The beta for BIDS Helper 1.6 was just released. We have not updated the version notification just yet as we would like to get some feedback on people's experiences with the SQL 2012 version. So if you are using SQL 2012, go grab it and let us know how you go (you can post a comment on this blog post or on the BIDS Helper site itself). This is the first release that supports SQL 2012 and consequently also the first release that runs in Visual Studio 2010. A big thanks to Greg Galloway for doing the ......

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BIDS Helper version 1.5 Released
Today the BIDS Helper team released a new version the details below are taken from the download page for the new release. Those of you with BIDS Helper already installed should get a new version notification when you next launch BIDS. The major feature in this release is the Biml Package Generator, John has been doing some great work documenting the capabilities of this new feature here (make sure you also check out the samples and tutorials of this powerful feature). Enjoy! ====== New Features Duplicate ......

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New BIDSHelper Release -
Today we released an update for BIDSHelper which you can download from here This release addresses the following issues: For some people the BIDS Helper extensions to the Project Properties page for the SSIS Deploy plugin was not available. Copy and Paste in errors in SSIS packages Updates to Parent-Child Dim Naturalizer The following features are new in this release: Analysis Services Many-to-Many Matrix Compression Roles Report General Preferences If you are interested to find out what else BIDSHelper ......

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BIDS Helper release 1.4.1
I am happy to announce that we recently put out a new release of BIDS Helper. I have copied the release notes out below, but one important "feature" that is not listed is that we now have a build script which is a modified version of the psake Powershell build script written by James Kovacs. It had gotten to the point where it was a bit of an effort to do a build. You had to start by making sure you had the latest version of the source code, then version number had to be updated in a number of spots, ......

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BIDS Helper 1.4 released
A little while ago we released v1.4 of BIDS Helper. Quite a few of you seem to have found it anyway, but for those of you who have not, below is a summary of what you can find in this release. Release 1.4 contains a number of new features: Analysis Services Parent-Child Dimension Naturalizer Test Aggregation Performance Integration Services Sortable Package Properties Report Reporting Services Dataset Usage Reports Delete Dataset Cache FilesAnd it contains a number of enhancements and bug fixes: ......

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BIDSHelper is #1
Yesterday at the 2008 PASS conference they announced the winners of the SQL Heroes contest and I am proud to announce that BIDSHelper won first place with a perfect score of 55 out of 55. And extra congratulations go to BIDSHelper team member John Welch who also had one of his other projects - ssisUnit come in equal second. Thanks to everyone who voted for BIDSHelper ......

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BIDSHelper is a finalist in the SQL Heroes contest

So if you like BIDS Helper, head over to the survey and put in a vote!


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BIDS Helper Release

We have released a new update for BIDS Helper.

This release adds:

  • support for Teradata data sources in the Dimension Health Check
  • and fixes an issue where the properties page for the Package Deploy feature was not appearing under some circumstances.

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