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[via EXEC dbo.LongTermMemory__Archive] Apparently SQL Server now has a new logo. It's interesting... I think they felt left out at the launch events with Visual Studio 2008 and Windows Server 2008 when they were the only product without a logo. I'm not quite sure what it's meant to be, but to my eye it seems to have been influenced a bit by the Kookaburra :) What do you think this new logo is ......

I went past the MVP Booth at Tech Ed Australia yesterday and found out that I am an answer!

What is the question you may well ask, well I'm glad you did. (no rude suggestions in the comments - funny ones are OK though ). It turns out that there is a questionnaire that the attendees can fill out to win a prize and I am one of the possible answers to one of the questions. Cool.

“Some people are like Slinkies - not good for much, but they still bring a smile to your face when they tumble down the stairs.” :)
I think the Office 12 beta site may have been showing signs of the pressure today (I am waiting for the latest bits to download as I type this) The first sign was the missing “Next“ button as I went through the registration screens. I did not think much more of it until I recieved the following email: I backed up and checked that I had definitely chosen the “English” option. Maybe there is some German out there looking in bewilderment at an email in English. So if you come ......
I have a little sample Excel macro that keeps multiple pivot tables synchronised here (which has had 387 downloads to date). I had a question recently as to whether it could be made to work with non-Olap data sources, it turned out that it was not too hard to implement, so I posted an update. The next day I recieved the following email: I'm renaming my first born after you! She'll probably be upset but she'll deal with it. It's ......
Re-arrange the letters of the words on the left hand side to get the words on the right. I like the last one, of course it's no reflection on my lovely Mother in Law, it's a cruel stereotype (but still funny <grin>) Astronomer => Moon starer The Eyes => They see The Morse Code => Here come dots Election results => Lies. Let's recount Eleven plus two => Twelve plus one ......
If you have not heard by now, Microsoft is having copyright/trademark issues with one of their new technologies - Windows Workflow Foundation. I have heard mixed stories but apparently one or both of the World Wildlife Foundation and the World Wrestling Federation have complained about Microsoft's use of the WWF acronym. I thought I would offer up my solution to this pickle which Microsoft currently find themselves in. I think rather than call these technologies Windows Foundations they could use ......
Last week I got an email from Microsoft inviting me to a meeting in Redmond (same as Rob), apparently due to the fact that I was 'high performing beta examinee'. Rob make the cut, but unfortunately I missed out :(. I thought I responded fairly quickly, but I would not have been suprised if there were only a limited number of overseas people that MS were prepared to fly in. I held off on blogging on this until now, as I did not want to “jinx” myself - I was half expecting to get a “sorry, ......

[via Business Intelligence Pipeline Blog]

And you thought your PC was your friend :)

This interesting article lists the various was in which our electronic friends can cause us harm.

via SecretGeek TODO Driven Development - I love it. I have been doing a lot of looking at Test Driven Development lately, especially TestDriven.Net and the new features that are coming out in VS.NET 2005. But now that this methodology has a name can't I just keep using it and get on with coding? :) ......

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