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Function Folding in #PowerQuery
Looking at a typical Power Query query you will noticed that it's made up of a number of small steps. As an example take a look at the query I did in my previous post about joining a fact table to a slowly changing dimension. It was roughly built up of the following steps: Get all records from the fact table Get all records from the dimension table do an outer join between these two tables on the business key (resulting in an increase in the row count as there are multiple records in the dimension ......

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#PowerQuery – Joining to a Slowly Changing Dimension
I blogged previously about how to look up a surrogate key for a slowly changing dimension using DAX. This post is about how to do the same thing using Power Query. I'm going to start off with the same 2 tables that I used in the previous blog post. One is a fact table and the other is my BU (Business Unit) table. I started by clicking on each table of data in Excel and choosing the "From Table" data source option. And for each table I unchecked the "Load to worksheet" option and then clicked apply ......

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