DAX Studio 2.6.0 downloading issues

UPDATE: Looks like the 2.6.0a release on codeplex is now being flagged by Chrome as malicious. I don't know if it's the file or codeplex.com that is the issue (our older releases with thousands of downloads appear to now be falgged as "malicious" too now). So I have also made the setup file available as a release from our github repo too - https://github.com/DaxStudio/DaxStudio/releases/download/2.6.0/DaxStudio_2_6_0a_setup.exe

If you had trouble dowloading the 2.6.0 release yesterday there is now a new 2.6.0a release up at https://daxstudio.codeplex.com/releases

Yesterday's release of DAX Studio 2.6.0 started off OK. We've had over 400 downloads, but then at some point the browsers seem to think the installer was a malicious file. We're not sure why, but all of them have started throwing up warnings, Chrome seems to be the worst offender, saying that the file is malicious and only giving you the option to discard it


And both Firefox and Edge give you very scary warning, but will let you download the file.

The advice on the Chrome "learn more" link is very generic and there does not appear to be any way of submitting for a re-assessment of this judgement.

I checked both the original file and then downloaded the file from codeplex and checked again (just in case something had infected the file after it was uploaded to codeplex) using Googles virustotal.com site and both times 0 out of 55 antivirus scanners reported any issues.

If you are curious below is a link to the VirusTotal.com results showing the detailed results:

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# Problems linking dimension tables and fact tables in SSAS cube

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Hi Darren, I have a question about SSAS

I have a problem with SSAS trying to relate tables in a cube,

I have this tables:

1) hc_routes (airplanes routes):

id_route, id_aeroline, id_airport_source, id_airport_destination
PK: id_route

2) co_route_equipments (planes of each route)

id_route, id_equipments
PK: id_route, id_equipments (I have N equipments for each id_route)

3) dm_equipments

id_equipment, desc_equipment
PK: id_equipment

4) dm_airport
id_airport, ....(atributes)
PK: id_airport

5) dm_aeroline
id_aeroline, ....(atributes)
P‌K: id_aeroline

I have made a data source and a cube with this tables. I define metrics for hc_routes y co_route_equipments
(count of routes).
In the 'dimension usage' I can link:
- hc_routes with dm_airpors and dm_aeroline
- co_route_equipments with dm_equipments

I would like to relate dm_equipments with hc_routes but I don't know how...
I want to count how many routes has a equipment, but filtering by airport or airline then
I need to use hc_routes

The relation needed is:

d‌m_equipment - (id_equipment) 1:N -> co_route_equipment ->(id_route) 1: 1 -> hc_routes‌

Any advice will be greatly appreciated

Left by juanvg1972 on Sep 13, 2017 10:02 PM

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