DAX Studio 2.6.0 Release

We seem to somehow have gotten into the habit of doing pre-Christmas releases every year, so why break with tradition now :)

The latest release of DAX Studio has a couple of new features as well as a bunch of small fixes.

The biggest single feature is the support for multiple result sets. Both SSAS 2016 and Power BI support sending multiple EVALUATE statements in a single batch. You can now do the same thing in DAX Studio and we will generate a numbered tab for each result set.


We've changed the Connection dialog so that connection types that are unavailable are just disabled instead of being hidden. There is also a little help icon with a tooltip which indicates why the particular option is disabled to help those that are new to DAX Studio.


We've added the ability to connect to SSDT Integrated Workspaces.


There is now a setting under File – Options to allow you to opt-in for notifications of pre-release builds. So when you launch DAX Studio if there is a new pre-release version available you will get a toast notification. I don't think we will always do a pre-release build, but there have been a number of times where it would have been nice to get a few more people testing out new functionality before doing the final release.


When querying measures the Formatting from the data model is now applied. Note that to do this we look for matches between the column names in the result set and the measures in your model. So if you use functions like ADDCOLUMNS or SUMMARIZE you need to make sure to give the output columns the same name as the underlying measure if you want formatting applied.

And there have been a bunch of minor enhancements:

  • A link has been added to the dowload page from Help - About when a newer version is available.
  • Added parsing of record counts in Server Timings for SQL 2016 / Power BI Desktop.
  • Improved metadata search performance and the search box now stays open when it has keyboard focus.

There are also a number of fixes in this release, some minor, but some also address some annoying crashes:

  • Fixed an issue where Query Plans and Server Timings would not start when connected PowerPivot.
  • Fixed an error when using the locale setting in the connection dialog
  • Fixed an issue with hidden animations running causing background CPU usage even when the app was idle.
  • Fixed crashes when refreshing metadata (also affects the automatic refresh when switching back to DAX Studio after editing your model).
  • Fixed PowerPivot connections so that they stay connected when you open another Excel file.
  • Fixed blank column headers in the results when running DMV queries
  • Fixed file outputs, csv and tab had been switched

Print | posted on Wednesday, December 21, 2016 10:02 AM