Dax Studio 2.3.2 released

This latest release includes a lot of UI polish features and we also now have support for SQL 2016 and Excel 2016 which is mainly an update to the installer and some changes to the Query Plan and Server Timings features to deal with some changes to the xmlSql that comes back in the trace events.

Following the theory that a picture is worth a thousand words – below are screenshots of the changes in this release.

The File –> Open menu now includes a list of recently opened files.


For performance testing you can now set the run button to always doe a clear cache before executing a query. This mode is easily selectable using the new arrow menu on the run button.


The model dialogs all have updated styling and now including a shaded overlay so that the active portions of the screen are clearly visible.


An options pane has been added to the File menu for setting global program options


A Query History pane has been added which records all of the queries run by Dax Studio. If you have the Server Timings feature enabled the Server duration and the FE / SE timing are also tracked. You can double click on an item in the query history to insert it back into the editor. This is great for performance tuning as you can easily see which variation of the query was fastest and returned the expected number of rows and then bring it back into the editor.


The metadata pane now loads asynchronously. In earlier versions the loading of the metadata pane was a blocking operation and the user interface could go unresponsive for a short time while loading large models. Now the metadata is loaded on a background thread so the interface remains responsive and the pane that is updating is greyed out to indicate that the load is still in progress. .


The new “Define Measure” feature, which is a right-click option on a calculated measure, is a great way to either see how a measure was defined without opening up the whole model. Or you can use it as a starting point to test some variations on the logic.


There are also a number of small bug fixes and tweaks and a number of issues that were raised on codeplex that have been fixed (we always tag closed issues with the release they were fixed in)

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Always pleased with the frequent updates...this is quickly becoming a must-have tool.

One request would be the option to "Clear Cache then Run 2x" so as to get a clean back-to-back capture of cold-cache + warm-cache executions in the query history.
Left by Bill Anton on Nov 04, 2015 1:13 AM

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