The beta for BIDS Helper 1.6 was just released. We have not updated the version notification just yet as we would like to get some feedback on people's experiences with the SQL 2012 version. So if you are using SQL 2012, go grab it and let us know how you go (you can post a comment on this blog post or on the BIDS Helper site itself). This is the first release that supports SQL 2012 and consequently also the first release that runs in Visual Studio 2010. A big thanks to Greg Galloway for doing the bulk of the work on this release.

Please note that if you are doing an xcopy deploy that you will need to unblock the files you download or you will get a cryptic error message. This appears to be caused by a security update to either Visual Studio or the .Net framework – the xcopy deploy instructions have been updated to show you how to do this.

Below are the notes from the release page.


This beta release is the first to support SQL Server 2012 (in addition to SQL Server 2005, 2008, and 2008 R2). Since it is marked as a beta release, we are looking for bug reports in the next few months as you use BIDS Helper on real projects.
In addition to getting all existing BIDS Helper functionality working appropriately in SQL Server 2012 (SSDT), the following features are new...

Fixes and Updates
The exe downloads are a self extracting installer, the zip downloads allow for an xcopy deploy. Make sure to note the updated xcopy deploy instructions for SQL Server 2012.


# re: BIDS Helper 1.6 Beta Release (now with SQL 2012 support!)

Congratulations guys! Just tested out the tabular HideMemberIf and the pre-build functionality - works like a charm.

Any news on if you are going to do DAX Editor integration? 3/23/2012 6:53 AM | Cathy Dumas

# re: BIDS Helper 1.6 Beta Release (now with SQL 2012 support!)

That's an interesting idea and something we will definitely investigate. 3/24/2012 7:26 PM | Darren Gosbell

# re: BIDS Helper 1.6 Beta Release (now with SQL 2012 support!)

It must be Congratulated guys! Just tested out the tabular HideMemberIf and the pre-build for the beautiful functionality . 8/18/2012 11:06 PM | research paper writing service

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