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Interestingly I had two instances last week when I thought different parts of Microsoft were re-inventing the wheel. The first was while listening to Episode 496 of Dot Net Rocks, where they were talking about project Trident from Microsoft Research. My first thought as they were describing the "visual workflows" was that MS Research had re-invented SSIS. Then as they described the versioned catalogue of workflows it sounded more like the way DTS used to store it's packages. But when they started ......
I had an issue recently with my SSAS 2008 performance counters - they were all showing up as 0. I could see them listed in Performance Monitor, but none of them worked. The counters for my SSAS 2005 instance worked fine, but the 2008 ones did not. I had observed this behaviour on my old Vista x86 machine and now it was happening on a fresh install of Windows 7 x64. I tried numerous steps to troubleshoot this issue including going through this detailed blog post from the CSS SQL Server Engineers blog, ......
I did a presentation earlier this month on PowerPivot (a.k.a Project Gemini) at the MOSSIG meeting and as promised here is the slide deck. If you've seen other "Gemini" presentations there will be nothing new in this presentation, I've really only posted it here so that those who attended the meeting can refer to it. You can download the "short" (1Mb) version with just the content slides: Or you can get the full (8.3Mb) slide deck including the "fairy tale" images from the link below: ......

I just got an email telling me about this press announcement in relation to the OLAP report becoming the BI Verdict ( I wonder if this is reflection of the fact that "OLAP" is a technology and "BI" is about more than a single technology…


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