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The SQL Down Under Code Camp for 2008 is on in a couple of weeks. Over the weekend of the 11th and 12th of October 2008 the cream of the Australian SQL Server community will gather at Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga. This is a free community even, if you can get yourself there it's not too late to go to the website, have a look at the list of sessions and sign up. There is a range of sessions covering all things SQL Server, including one from me on SSAS. It's going to be a great weekend. ......
Last year I logged an issue on the connect site around deploying from BIDS and renamed databases. I got a couple of messages relating to this issue, one saying that it was being closed as it was a duplicate issue and then another one recently where it was updated to indicate that the issue has been fixed in SQL Server 2008. I think it is really great to get this sort of feedback that something is being done, unfortunately ......
There was a question on the SSAS forum recently asking if it was possible to verify a backup file. Now if you have checked in Books Online to check the XMLA backup and restore commands, checked the UI in SSMS and even used reflector against the AMO library you would think that there was no way of doing this. I certainly did. However try the following... Navigate to: <Program Files>\Microsoft SQL Server\MSAS10.SQL08\OLAP\bin then type: msmdsrv /? And you will get the following information: Usage: ......
For those of you who attended my talk or for any other interested parties, I have uploaded my slide deck from my MVP Theatre presentation at Tech.Ed Australia 2008 to my sky drive here: There is not too much to this deck as the presentation was mainly demos. If you are just after the links to the tools I demonstrated I have included them below: MDX Studio BIDS Helper Analysis Services Stored Procedure (ASSP) project PowerSSAS (which unfortunately only got a brief mention) And here are the links to ......
I recently went to check the configuration of my SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services instance (which is a named instance called "SQL08") and it came up with a "connect" dialog and when I clicked on the "find" button I got an "invalid namespace" error. I found a few threads on the MSDN forums about this and eventually a Microsoft guy came up with a solution. The post at the end of this thread had the solution which worked for ......


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