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I had a comment recently on one of my older posts (which was about processing a cube with XMLA) asking how I scripted out the process command from SQL Server Management Studio. It is much easier to explain this with pictures than with words alone, hence this post. If you right click on an object in the object browser in management studio and click on the process option you will get a dialog box like the one below. This dialog has a "Script" button at the top, like many of the dialogs in Management ......
Every now and then on the SSAS MSDN forum, the issue of doing a generic "ratio to parent" calculation comes up. Unfortunately there are a number of problems with the premise of giving users a generic "ratio to parent" measure. The first is that the concept of "parent", by definition, requires a hierarchy and SSAS 2005 supports multiple hierarchies. Consider this query: SELECT Non Empty [Product].[Product].[Produc... on Rows, {Measures.[Sales Ratio]} ON Columns FROM [Adventure Works] I am using ......
Up until now, most of my use of PowerShell has been against SSAS, but I recently had a need to setup a number of SSIS packages for some relatively large CSV files. My problem was that the CSV files had about 125 columns and 120 of them (10 years of monthly figures) need to be inserted into Numeric(18,5) columns in SQL Server. However the connection manager auto-detected these columns on my flat file connection manager as DT_FLOAT. Changing these columns to DT_NUMERIC and setting the scale to 5 quickly ......
I got an email from the MVP program this morning saying that I have received the MVP award for another year. And congratulations goes out to Greg Galloway on being awarded as an MVP. Greg and I have work with on BIDSHelper and the Analysis Services Stored Procedure project together and he is one smart cookie :) ......


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