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Today I was moving a prototype dashboard off a virtual server onto a development server. I saved the workspace file and copied it over and I got the following error when I clicked the test button in the data source page - "Unable to connect to the specified server. Make sure the address is correct" This was a bit puzzling as it was connecting to "localhost" so it should have worked fine on the dev server. If you do a search in your favorite search engine for this error you will possibly come across ......
A little while ago Jamie posted about how he formats SQL code which happens to be quite similar to the way I do it. But this then lead me to think about the equivalent formatting for MDX. So if I get MDX like the following:with member measures.ptd as 'sum(periodstodate([Date].[... [Date].[Calendar].currentme... Amount] )',format_string = "currency" select {[Measures].[Measures].[Sales Amount] ,measures.ptd} on 0, {[Date].[Calendar].[Month].... ......
[via EXEC dbo.LongTermMemory__Archive] Apparently SQL Server now has a new logo. It's interesting... I think they felt left out at the launch events with Visual Studio 2008 and Windows Server 2008 when they were the only product without a logo. I'm not quite sure what it's meant to be, but to my eye it seems to have been influenced a bit by the Kookaburra :) What do you think this new logo is ......


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