January 2008 Entries

Following along on my recent theme of exploring the metadata rowsets and the new Dynamic Management Views (DMV) in SSAS 2008. I have added a new DMV function to the Analysis Services Stored Procedure project (www.codeplex.com/ASStoredP... which is included in the v1.2 release that I put out just before Christmas. This all started off when I decided to look at extending the existing Discover() function to provide for sorting and filtering. And I originally started off by building a wrapper ......
Mosha commented on my last post on this topic that there was another simpler way of doing the same thing from SSMS. And that is to execute the following commands from an MDX window. First run ...<BeginTransaction xmlns="http://schemas.micro... /> and then...<Lock xmlns="http://schemas.micro... <ID>496CEC1F-D66A-4C8... <Object> <DatabaseID>Adventure Works DW</DatabaseID> ......
If you are interested in learning a bit more about Microsoft's new Performance Point Server 2007 and you will be in Brisbane on the 12th of February, then head on over to the Microsoft Offices where Peter from Intellimax Solutions is giving a breakfast seminar. He will be doing a full run through of the product from a practical perspective. You can get more information here: http://www.intellimaxsoluti... ......
I put the following code sample together in response to this question on the Analysis Services forum. If you read Books Online, you might think that running the following statement in SSMS would work : <Lock xmlns="http://schemas.micro... <ID>496CEC1F-D66A-4C8... <Object> <DatabaseID>Adventure Works DW</DatabaseID> </Object> <Mode>CommitShared<... But it will throw the following ......
There was a comment recently on the post where I annouced the release of powerSSAS, asking if you could export the information from the PowerShell Analyzer Provider Explorer. While I don't think you can do it from the Provider Explorer, but you can use the Export-Csv cmdlet that is built-in to PowerShell. Something like the following would export a list of dimensions to a .csv file. add-PSSnapin powerssas new-PSDrive ssas powerssas localhost cd ssas: cd "Databases\Adventure Works DW\Dimensions" # ......


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