SSAS 2008: New Cube Aggregations tab

The November CTP of SQL Server 2008 was released on the connect MSDN Downloads site at the end of last week and when you open up a cube in BIDS you will see a new tab for aggregations. I figured I might give you a bit a walk through what you can expect from this new tab.


What this tab does is to let you see all the aggregation designs that relate to a given measure group. It also lets you manage which partitions are using a particular aggregation design.

As with the other Analysis Services designers, the new AMO warnings are also surfaced in the aggregations tab which lets you see if there are any basic issues with your aggregations.

Such as a particular design no being referenced by any partitions


Or even an AggregationUsage property not being set properly.


Right-clicking on an aggregation design gives a number of options including

"Design New Aggregations", "Usage Based Optimisation" and "Assign Aggregation designs".



When you start up the "Design Aggregations" Wizard you can now easily select which aggregations a particular design is to apply to. 


One of the coolest additions to the aggregation design wizard is the following screen which shows you the aggregation usage setting for all the attributes and gives you the ability to change them.


The objects count screen appears largely unchanged.


As does the core Aggregation Options screen. 


At the end of the whole process you get to give your design a name. I would suggest that you might want to think about including an indication of the design options that you used. (eg "30 pcnt", "upto 150Mb", etc. ) You can see a property for the aggregation level when you view the properties of the aggregation design, which is where I thought information like this would be recorded, but that property did not appear to update (maybe this will change in a future build). But if you have a couple of different aggregation designs, this would let you see at a glance, which was which.


When you right click an Aggregation Design and choose the option to Assign Aggregations, you get the following dialog box. This gives you a very easy way to apply a given aggregation designs to a group of partitions.


While this feature does not let you manually build your own aggregations like the "Edit Aggregations" feature in BIDSHelper, I would argue that most people should not need to go to that extent.

Update 20 Nov 07: corrected the download location details

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