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I got sent this question recently, but when I tried to reply the senders email address bounced, so I am posting the question and answer here. Q: "I have a problem with aggregate function in cube measure. My Measure is customer count and this fact have time dimension and location dimension. this measure transfered monthly. When aggreagated with time customer count aggregate function is MAX and if aggregated with location dimension aggrefate function is SUM. What is the solution for this problem because ......
I was searching the connect site for before posting an issue the other day and came across this SSMS : Allow support for AddIns as in Visual Studiohttps://connect.micro... Which I have thought would be a good idea since I first started work on BIDS Helper. So if you think it would be a good idea too, please follow the link and add your vote. I don't think there is any chance of this feature making it into the release of SQL Server 2008, ......
This post is mainly for those people that were at my presentation at this years SQL Down Under Code Camp. I said that I would post the slides and the sample project (there are links at the end of this post) and here they are. a Powerpoint 2007 version of the presentation [link 2] a Powerpoint 97-2003 version of the presentation [link 2] and the sample project I was using for all the demos [link 2] Note: Some of the demos are using the trash destination and the data generation data source from www.sqlis.com ......
As Rob has just said, this weekend is going to be a big one for the Australian SQL Server community as we are having our second ever SQL Down Under code camp at Wagga Wagga (which is curiously pronounced "Wogga Wogga"). It looks like we will have all 7 Australian SQL Server MVP's at this event. Last year's event was great fun and it's shaping up to be a good one again this year. I'm heading up there tomorrow and looking forward to seeing some great presentations and catching up with friends that ......
For those of you who are interested, but may not have checked the MDX Studio forum in the last few days, Mosha has release a new update. You can read about the details and download the release from the links on this posting http://www.ssas-info.com/fo... enjoy! Update: A new release has just been made available that fixes a few issues that were found in the previous release (keep in mind that MDX Studio is still in the alpha phase) ......


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