Presentation done, and it seemed to go OK

I just finished my presentation to the user group. I think it went OK, I have trouble with my brain getting ahead of my mouth. I tried to demo one concept too early and tried one things which I had not practiced and it really did not demonstrate what I thought it would at the time.

So the lesson here is - practice your demonstrations and stick to them, don't do ad-hoc changes to your demo lightly. As an experienced presenter told me - "you are best to keep your demo's simple and explain the heck out of them".


Does anyone else get this sort of grief from PowerPoint 2007? Every time I close it I get the error message on the left. Even though all I was doing was to try and chose down PowerPoint.

The annoying thing is that if I do not deselect the "Restart Microsoft Office PowerPoint" check box the darn thing starts back up again and gives me the same error when I try to shut it down again! Aargh!

Print | posted on Tuesday, June 19, 2007 11:47 PM