BIDSHelper: DeployMDXScript feature enhanced

Have you ever renamed a deployed database in SSMS and then tried to deploy changes using BIDS? I don't imagine that it is too common an occurrence as it does not work!

I renamed the "Adventure Works DW" sample to "Adventure Works DW1" in SSMS and then told BIDS to deploy to the "Adventure Works DW1" database and got an error that the "Adventure Works DW1" database already exists - of course it does.


If you capture the XML/A that BIDS is sending you will notice something strange. The ID and the Name properties are the same!

What I would expect to happen is for BIDS to check on the target server if a database with the specified target name already exists. If it does BIDS should get the ID and deploy to that - am I wrong? Have I missed something here?

I logged the issue in connect here, vote for it if you think it should be fixed.

And while you're at it check out the new Ajax features on the connect site. When you are logged in you can vote for an issue just by clicking on one of the stars on the item itself - no navigating off to a separate page.

Want to know something else? If you leave your target database set to "Adventure Works DW" can you guess what happens? That's right, the database gets renamed back to plain old "Adventure Works DW"

By the way, as you may have guessed by the title of this post, this issue has been addressed in the DeployMDXScript feature of BIDSHelper and version is now available for download. Because the DeployMDXScript feature is going against an existing database by definition I have taken the approach of looking up the database by name and then getting the ID and using that to build the alter XMLA command.

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