June 2007 Entries

It's been a little while since we did the initial release of ASSP, but things have been bubbling along quietly in the background and today we pushed out another release which in addition to a few minor fixes includes the following new features. ListFunctions - This is cool on a couple of fronts (and not just because it is one of mine :) ) Firstly it is practical because it will list all the available functions in all the .Net assemblies that have been registered either at the server or, if you pass ......
I just finished my presentation to the user group. I think it went OK, I have trouble with my brain getting ahead of my mouth. I tried to demo one concept too early and tried one things which I had not practiced and it really did not demonstrate what I thought it would at the time. So the lesson here is - practice your demonstrations and stick to them, don't do ad-hoc changes to your demo lightly. As an experienced presenter told me - "you are best to keep your demo's simple and explain the heck ......
I am speaking tomorrow night at the Melbourne SQL Server User Group. The presentation will be based on the excellent white paper that Marco Russo produced about Many-to-Many relationships in SSAS 2005 called the Many-to-Many Revolution. Here is the session abstract: The Many-to-Many Revolution ---------------------------... Do you have a situation with something like categories that have one or more customers and customers that fit into more than one of these categories? ......
Have you ever renamed a deployed database in SSMS and then tried to deploy changes using BIDS? I don't imagine that it is too common an occurrence as it does not work! I renamed the "Adventure Works DW" sample to "Adventure Works DW1" in SSMS and then told BIDS to deploy to the "Adventure Works DW1" database and got an error that the "Adventure Works DW1" database already exists - of course it does. If you capture the XML/A that BIDS is sending you will notice something strange. The ID and the Name ......
I had a bit of a nightmare getting the previous post online. No matter what I did I was getting this error message "The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a receive". I had just installed beta 2 of Windows Live Writer, so I uninstalled that and went back to beta 1, but that still had the same issue. I then logged into the Web UI for my blog and pasted the contents of my post in their and got more errors. At this point I started to think that there was something wrong ......
There was a question on the forums a little while ago about what were the minimal libraries that would need to be installed in order to write a program that would allow someone to process a cube. Well it can be done with just the ADOMD.NET client libraries, which the user will need on their machine anyway if they are going to browse the cubes. Below is about the shortest VB.NET "application" that you would need to process a cube. It's a console application and all you need to do is to add a reference ......
I got the following email from fellow MVP Greg Linwood on behalf of the Melbourne SQL Server User Group this morning which was taken from a posting by Ed Lehman from Microsoft in the private MVP newsgroup. I have not read any other feeds yet, but I imagine this news will be all over the web today. There will probably be a flood of information on Katmai, now that a release is publicly available. Enjoy! E D L E H M A N'S P O S T I N G This coming Monday, June 4, we will release the June CTP of Katmai. ......


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