What "lights up" in Excel 2007 with SSAS SP2?

I'm sure most of you that read my blog have probably heard that there are some features in Excel 2007 pivot tables that only 'light up" when connected to an SSAS server with SP2 installed. However actually finding a list of those features has not been as easy as you would have thought. My friend Deepak asked a number of people about this at the MVP Summit back in March and while everyone was sure that there was a list somewhere, no one seemed to be able to put there hands on it at the time.

Well, a couple of days ago on the Excel 2007 blog, this post was put up that has a list of these features. It's a shorter list than I expected with the amount of pushing that I heard about Excel 2007 being "better with SP2" and unforunately there is some functionality that is reduced too, which is not great. But hey, at least now we know what the differences are when you connect to an SP2 server.

Print | posted on Thursday, May 10, 2007 10:25 AM