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What!? I hear you say, where did 1.0 go? Did I miss it? No, unfortunately some of the version numbers got out of synch in the initial release. The .Addin file was reporting 0.9, but the assembly was reporting 1.0.x.x so the only way to get the versioning back in order and get the install script working (an earlier version will not overwrite a later one) was to jump to v1.1. I fixed issue in the DeployMDXScript feature of BIDSHelper in that deploying the script in this manner does not build the SSAS ......
Having written quite a few .Net Stored Procedures for the Analysis Services Stored Procedure project, I have often needed to debug into these stored procedures and it is pretty much second nature. But I had a question about this recently which made me realise that getting this working is not really well documented. There is a page in the product documentation which probably has enough information to get you going, but to my mind some of the steps are in the wrong order - and there are no pictures ......
I am pleased to announce that we have just launched the first public release of BIDSHelper. What is it? It is an Add-in for the BI Development Studio (BIDS) for SQL Server 2005 that adds a number of useful features. This is an open source project, hosted on codeplex under a Shared Source Permissive License. Currently the features are all centred around SSAS, but we are planning to work on a few for SSIS and SSRS in future versions. Where do I get it? It can be downloaded from ......
I'm sure most of you that read my blog have probably heard that there are some features in Excel 2007 pivot tables that only 'light up" when connected to an SSAS server with SP2 installed. However actually finding a list of those features has not been as easy as you would have thought. My friend Deepak asked a number of people about this at the MVP Summit back in March and while everyone was sure that there was a list somewhere, no one seemed to be able to put there hands on it at the time. Well, ......
Greg Galloway who I have known for a while now from his excellent contributions to BIDSHelper and the AS Stored Procedure project has recently started blogging. And he has a couple of really good posts, including one on doing ProcessAdd with a large dimension. Adrian Downes started blogging earlier this year with his blog: Establish. Execute. Evolve. In his initial post, Adrian stated that his blog would cover more of the "meta-stuff" which is great and he already has a number of good posts like ......
I got home last night to a nice surprise. A copy of The Rational Guide to Microsoft Office Business Scorecard Manager 2005 had arrived in the mail. This is the new book by Nick Barclay and Adrian Downes. Nick had kindly organised to have a review copy sent to me. It looks like being a very approachable book, just coming in just under the 224 page limit which is required in order to be a "Rational Guide". It has sections covering everything from Solution Design, Solution Development, Delivery and ......


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