If you are into writing stored procedures for SSAS, then you owe it to yourself to checkout Mosha's latest post on Best Practices for ADOMD.NET stored procedures, it covers some really interesting stuff including things like preferring enumerators over iterators which can have a significant impact on performance.


# re: SSAS: .Net Stored Procedure - Best Practices


with usage og Generics your Sorting example should be more faster:

private class TupleValue : IComparable<TupleValue>
private Tuple _Tuple;
internal Tuple Tuple
get { return _Tuple; }
private set { _Tuple = value; }
private decimal _Value;

public TupleValue(Tuple t, decimal v)
_Tuple = t;
_Value = v;

public int CompareTo(TupleValue other)
return other._Value.CompareTo(_Value);

public Set Order(Set InputSet, Expression SortExpression)
List<TupleValue> TupleValues = new List<TupleValue>(InputSet.Tuples.Count);

foreach (Tuple t in InputSet.Tuples)
TupleValues.Add(new TupleValue(t, (decimal)SortExpression.Calculate(t)));

int cTuples = InputSet.Tuples.Count;


SetBuilder sb = new SetBuilder();

for (int i = 0; i < cTuples; i++)

return sb.ToSet();
} 4/24/2007 12:49 AM | Yuri Abele

# re: SSAS: .Net Stored Procedure - Best Practices

Thanks Yuri,

We have implemented this change in the code that is part of the Analysis Services Stored Procedure project. It is definitely an improvement, but the difference is not actually measureable. Even the sort procedure in Mosha's example executed faster than the resolution of the trace events. Most of the time is spent in fetching and caching the values.

Darren 4/26/2007 12:03 PM | Darren Gosbell

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