February 2007 Entries

My Boss asked me an interesting question the other day - "what version of Excel is needed to run the Performance Point planning (Biz#) application?". Anyone involved in the CTP will know that in the VPC image they are using Excel 2007, but it could be years before some of the larger organisations even start to consider moving to Office 2007. Not knowing the answer I checked with Ben who I knew from his Intelligent Insight blog and he said that both Excel 2007 and 2003 will run the Biz# add-in. Although ......
Before you install SP2 you really should read the readme file. I have already seen one post on the MSDN forum who ran into the issue documented in section 5.3.2 of the readme. You can find the ReadMe file here http://download.microsoft.c... And the What's new file here http://download.microsoft.c... There are a lot of good things in SP2, ......
Nigel Pendse from The OLAP REport www.olapreport.com updated his Market share analysis recently http://www.olapreport.com/m... There was an impressive "surge" in market share for MS OLAP (from 27.9% to 31.6%), especially when you consider that Applix (+0.3%) and Microstrategy (+0.1%) were the only other vendors to record increases in market share. Highlights The market grew by 16.4 percent, faster than the 12 percent we had predicted Microsoft’s growth accelerated again, thanks to the full-year ......
I was over in Redmond last week and took the opportunity to catch up with Edward and Mosha. It turns out that on Thursday last week the SSAS team were having a bit of a lunch to celebrate their 10 year anniversary. According to Mosha the real date was a couple of months ago, which could lead to all sorts of jokes about software companies and slipped release dates, but I'm not going there :) Congratulations to the team - I for one am looking forward to more great things from you in future ......


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