November 2006 Entries

There was a thread today on the Analysis Services forum where someone appeared to be having an issue with a data type overflow. Multiple large, positive, integer values were aggregating up to a negative amount. If you are interested the full thread is here: Re- negative values on a measure Basically the database and the DSV were increased to a bigint data type, but the issue was still occurring. What I believe is happening here is that the measure in the cube was set with an int data type. To fix ......
This probably does not apply to many people yet, but If you have installed the RTM of Office 2007 and don't yet have SP2 of SQL 2005 installed, then your calculation tab in the cube designer is probably broken. This issue may manifest itself in other ways too, its just that I knew this had been an issue during the beta cycle of office thanks to Reed at the Hitachi Consulting blog. There are details here on how to fix this issue. Basically it looks like ......
The group of us that worked on the Analysis Services Stored Procedure project were having a discussion via email recently and one of the guys lamented the fact that you cannot pass a dimension object as a strongly typed parameter into an SSAS stored procedure. After pondering on this for a little while it occurred to me that, in the change to the attribute based model in AS2k5, dimensions now appear to have become little more than logical containers for attributes and hierarchies. This is in real ......
Chris Webb recently blogged about a conversation that a group of us were having where the topic of the Timeout connection string property came up. Chris asked how I found out about this property. The technique I used is handy for exploring all types of connection string properties, so I thought I would share it here. Create a new text document on your desktop. Rename it to test.udl (its the extension that matters, the name can be anything you like) double click on this file and it brings up a "Data ......


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