SSAS: New white paper on Many-to-Many relationships

Marco over at has just announced that he has released a great new white paper on some of the many possible uses for Many to Many relationships within SSAS cubes. Marco has put a great deal of effort into this paper and it is well worth reading.

The paper (plus demo code) is downloadable from SQLBI.EU starting from this page:

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# SSAS: New white paper on Many-to-Many relationships

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Thanks for your nice document on Many-to-Many relationships.

I need some help in implementing one business requirement.

Let us take an example to illustrate this. Let say we have four tables; Users, UserAccessBranch, Branch and FactLoan. User’s access to particular loan is based on his access to loan’s Branch (BranchID or OperatingBranchID). If user has access to at-least one of the two branches (BranchID and OperatingBranchID) then the loan is accessible to the user.

Users.UserIDà BranchAccess(UserID,BranchID)ßBranch.BranchIDàFcatLoan.BranchID


In case of T-SQL it’s very easy to implement. In case of MDX it’s easy to implement if there is only one column of BranchID is there in FactLoan. I have implemented this case (having one BranchID) by having Many-to-Many relationship in the “Dimension Usage” of cube designer. How can we implement the logic for two Branch access (either Or) in MDX and cube design.

Please let me know if you need any further information in this regard.

Thanks a lot in advance.


Left by Rakesh Mishra on Nov 16, 2006 3:47 PM

# re: SSAS: New white paper on Many-to-Many relationships

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This is the first time i have implemented the Many-to-Many Rleation ship. And i understood usage of Many-to-Many . Thanks and Keep doing good.


Left by Liyasker Samraj on Nov 17, 2009 6:32 PM

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