August 2006 Entries

It's like a backlog only it is a build up of ideas for blog posts. To give you an idea of what I have been up to, here is a synopsis of the last few months: 1 new nephew 1 new niece 2 60th birthdays 2 funerals 1 new MVP award my birthday my son's birthday my Brother's birthday Beta 1 release of the AS Stored Proc project 1 house renovation in progress And now I am off to TechEd Australia for the rest of the week. The house renovation is taking up a fair bit of my weekends, but I have to find some ......
This tip came up during a discussion amongst the Analysis Services Stored Procedure team and Chris Webb just posted about it too. Apparently you can use the GO keyword to separate MDX batches in SSMS, in much the same way that you can with T-SQL batches eg. SELECT MEASURES.MEMBERS ON 0 FROM[Adventure Works] GO SELECT [Measures].[Internet Sales Amount] ON 0,[Date].[Day of Week].MEMBERS ON 1FROM [Adventure Works] This ability is built in to SSMS, “GO” is not a valid MDX keyword. It is SSMS ......
Back in April, Chris Webb posted an entry on Analysis Services stored procedures asking for volunteers to joining him in creating a few useful examples that people could download. I was one of those volunteers and after several months of work behind the scenes, we are at a point where we are happy to release beta 1 on CodePlex here: Have a read of the CodePlex site - it's reasonably well documented, and you can download the source ......
There was a question recently on the Analysis Services forum on how to enumerate calculated measures from AMO here. Unfortunately you can't do this from AMO. The best you can do is to get the MDX script and then parse it. If you need to do this the following Regular Expression should come in handy. (\bCREATE\s*MEMBER\s*.*\[?m... |(?:\bCREATE\s*(\[(?<Cal... I have wrapped up this regex ......
There are not a lot of example XMLA queries available, so I thought I might work through some examples on my blog. This first example was prompted be a question in the Olap newsgroup and demonstrates how to get a list of databases and cubes. Getting a list of the databases from Analysis Services is fairly easy with a simple XMLA query like the following: <Discover xmlns="urn:schemas-microsof... <RequestType>DBSCHEMA... <Restrictions /> ......


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