I got another head's up, this time from Marco at Groeneveld Management Services, about another open source OLAP application at www.palo.net, below is the Overview from their website:

Palo Overview

Are you working with big Excel workbooks that are difficult to maintain because of their size? Then Palo is for you. Palo is an advanced data store for Microsoft Excel that allows you to handle large amounts of Excel data on a small number of worksheets. In addition, it also allows you to share Excel data real-time with your collegues.

This Palo-enabled Excel sheet holds the data of more than 1000 conventional Excel sheets (click to enlarge)

More technically spoken: Palo is a high-capacity and high-speed database made especially for Microsoft Excel. It is multidimensional, memory based, able to consolidate data hierarchies in real time and supports write-back of data (MOLAP). Palo integrates seamlessly into your existing spreadsheets. Database access is done through simple spreadsheet formulas, so you don't loose anything of Excel's flexibility. more...

Palo Server is Open-Source, the Excel Add-In is free. So give it a try!  Download...

Palo is not bound to Microsoft Excel. You can connect to Palo by using a variety of software APIs (C, Java, PHP, .NET).

If I have to analyse a small amount of data I will often resort to standard pivot tables in Excel as I feel very comfortable with manipulating data in this manner. I don't know if this is the sort of tool I would be able to use on a client project, but if it is any good it could definitely earn a spot in my toolbox


# re: Palo - More open source OLAP goodness

I tried Palo and it is doing very well. I am waiting for more updates. Check their roadmap. If Palo will continue to be available for free, it will be a good substitute for medium sized OLAP needs. I believe that Palo will be better in a few more months. Palo is really similar to this OLAP software from Paris**** but I think people will use Palo because it is free. 3/9/2006 7:47 AM | Casis

# Power of Open Source

Open source is so powerful that it produces the best products that we use now. Apache http server, PHP, mySQL, Linux etc. In Business Intelligence, I am sure that Open source software will be a big hit against the commercial OLAP tools. Commercial OLAP tools are just so expensive. The project I am working on explores Open Source BI platform.

I really think that open source is better because it is more stable (in the long run), more reliable, lots of documents available, fewer bugs (compared to commercial products), cheaper and a lot of good IT people knows open source. 3/9/2006 7:58 AM | Daisy

# re: Palo - More open source OLAP goodness

I first came to know about Palo through a reader comment on my <a href="http://opensourceanalytics.com">Open Source Analytics blog</a> and I am sure it is going to turn out into an excellent product. While I am yet to do a full evaluation, I like a lot of their ideas including the way data can be pulled from OLAP cube in Excel using Excel type expressions.

As an in-memory MOLAP cube, Palo offers faster access than Mondrian which is ROLAP and needs to fetch data from an underlying data warehouse. On the flip side, you cannot use Palo on very large data as everything has to fit within memory (though that can be worked around by creating aggregated data marts/cubes).

I am specially excited in seeing Palo used as a 'Planning tool' as it allows updation of values from Excel into the cube. 3/22/2006 3:00 PM | Nishith

# re: Palo - More open source OLAP goodness

Organizations that have a lot of data isolated in Excel spreadsheets have a big problem with "stove pipes". In my work, I have seen critical data and functions that could greatly enhance company performance locked away in files on users' desktops. Palo looks like a promising way of sharing that data across the enterprise. 5/13/2006 9:35 AM | Piotr

# re: Palo - More open source OLAP goodness

I have some screenshots and information about PALO on my website www.vectorspace.com. The PALO approach is a dynamic in-memory OLAP database linked to Excel spreadsheets through formulas; this was pioneered 20 years ago by TM1, now sold by Applix.

Although it has never become commercially huge, this is a winning formula whose users are absolutely committed to it.

I am very curious to see how the PALO project continues. 5/13/2007 6:31 PM | David Friedlander

# re: Palo - More open source OLAP goodness

As this product is maturing it is showing great promise.

It is soon going to be hard to see why medium sized enterprises would pay the sort of money being asked for the competing products, when software of this quality and power is available free! 12/24/2007 2:20 AM | John Hobson

# re: Palo - More open source OLAP goodness

I think another alternative, to obtain hight performance for free, is to use ramsetcube + mondrian. 5/22/2009 10:38 AM | Maxime

# re: Palo - More open source OLAP goodness

Nice post,

i use ramsetcube and modrain...

Keep up the good work 10/14/2009 1:28 AM | web development company

# re: Palo - More open source OLAP goodness

How to connect with Palo from PHP?? 5/4/2010 10:25 PM | Sourabh

# re: Palo - More open source OLAP goodness

Sorry, but I don't use Palo or PHP. You may want to see if you can find a Palo forum or something like that. 5/10/2010 6:51 AM | Darren Gosbell

# re: Palo - how to connect to my local server

I downloaded the trail version of PALO. Now i want to connect to my local sql server through this PALO. How can it possible.

Please respond me through a complete step by step procedure.

Thanks and Regards,
Kiran G. 6/1/2011 9:37 PM | kirang

# re: Palo - More open source OLAP goodness

@Kiran. I don't use Palo, I just had a look at some of the demos 5 years ago.

I suggest that you read the manual http://www.jedox.com/en/community/mypalo/palo-manuals.html

Or post a question on one of their forums http://www.jedox.com/community/palo-forum/ 6/1/2011 9:58 PM | Darren Gosbell

# re: Palo - More open source OLAP goodness

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