Microsoft buys Foldershare

[via the Support Alert newsletter]

$50 FolderShare Web Service Now Free I've reported favorably about FolderShare in previous issues.

It's a web service that allows you to automatically synchronize and/or share files in a given folder across multiple computers.

It also allows you access these files from any computer.

FolderShare used to offer a cut-down service for free but a full- featured service with unlimited file space and individual files up to 2GB cost $50. Not anymore. FolderShare has just been bought by Microsoft and you can get the full premium service for free. I recommend you sign up, it's an unbeatable deal. Use it for syncing your home and office data, sharing photos and other large files with friends or simply as online backup of your critical data. To use the service you need to sign up on the web site and download the FolderShare "Satellite" client software.

Free, Windows ME and later plus Mac OSX 10.3.8+, 646KB.

I think I also heard about this product on Scott Hanselman's blog, I don't use enough PC's to warrant paying for an account (most things are on my laptop - which I carry around with me) but given that it is now free I have signed up to see what it is like. I can see it having uses with our team, which is geographically distributed, I just have to figure out what they are :)

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