Rumour: VS.NET 2005 available on MSDN from October 15?

via Jeffery Palermo

Yes, the public launch date and availability is still scheduled for the week of November 7th, but Microsoft will be releasing the software to it's MSDN Universal subscribers first on October 15th.  I've been looking for changes from the Release Candidate to RTM, but I haven't found them yet.  I'm glad the software is finally coming out.  I've been working with .Net 2.0 since Beta 1 came out, and I'm looking forward to using the final product.  The I've installed Beta 1, Beta 2, and the Release Candidate, and all the IDEs have been stable.  You've heard the warnings not to install pre-release software on any computer you care about, but Visual Studio 2005 has been very stable.  I'm impressed.
Spread the word and we will see what sort of simultaneous bandwidth MSDN can cope with :)

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